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Families Thrive Combined Practitioner & TOT Training
Denver, CO
March 25-28 & 29, 2019

The new Families First Prevention Services Act, signed into law last year, seeks to keep children out of foster care by substantially redirecting federal funds toward family-based prevention programming , including programming aimed at building parenting skills and preventing mental illness and substance abuse. Families First funding begins in October 2019.

Get ready now by making sure your staff is fully trained in Families Thrive™, a new training that integrates the Center for the Study of Social Policy’s Youth Thrive and Strengthening Families trainings. Families Thrive is based on the nationally recognized protective/promotive factors framework that is at the heart of those two trainings, but extends the framework from early childhood through adolescence, teaching professionals how to work with families across the lifespan in ways that increase engagement and the likelihood of healthy developmental outcomes.

The training devotes one session to each of the protective and promotive factors – knowledge of child development, social connections, cognitive & social/emotional competence, concrete supports in times of need, and resilience – and teaches practical techniques for applying the framework in programs, practices, and communities. The protective/promotive factor framework can be applied to any evidence-based program, across disciplines and program types, to increase family strengths, enhance child development, and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.

See a two-page review of the evidence supporting the promotive/protective factors framework and showing how that evidence aligns with the Administration on Children, Youth & Families’ own research.

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